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Christie-leigh, April 2021


I cannot recommend this amazing woman enough. I think sometimes we can invalidate our birth trauma and push it to the side because we are too busy with a newborn or have misconceptions that birth is traumatic anyway. A simple chat with this woman during my pregnancy was an instant weight lifted. If you're pregnant, or still picking up the pieces after your birth, i cannot suggest her enough.   

Sharon, March 2021


I feel so good and so free. I have physically felt ‘stuff’ leave my body and I am so much more aware of my thoughts and breathing.

Thank you Bec!

Julianne, January 2021


I feel I have a new lease on life.
I am not groaning as I stand, I’m not falling into chairs, I am back in control of using my muscles, I’m in and out of baths without thinking about it.

I practically ran down the stairs the other day at work (usually I’m holding the rail), I thread a sewing needle without a needle threader for the first time in years!
I have energy that lasts for hours after getting home- rather than struggling an hour before knock off time and I can practice yoga again after 2 years, managing poses I could never previously do!

I feel for the first time in my life that I have a place here on this planet and it’s my right to have it.


Sara, December 2020


Spinal flow has helped me feel ease about situations from my past that when triggered, filled me with anxiety; now they are much easier to deal with.

I have also come to some realisations about my own self care, needs and adjusting my prioritises- while standing straighter with a lot less pain

Mandy, November 2020


This has been an incredible experience that I will be continuing both at home and in sessions here. Being held and witnessed through these various processes has been beautiful and has had a significant impact on my journey. I know my body’s wisdom and feel overall more connected and present with myself.

Nicole, November 2020


Would 100% recommend bec and everything she does. beautiful soul on the inside and out. Her studio is perfect & i loved attending Mums & Bubs Yoga every week. 

Lyndell, October 2020


I feel so much more aware of my body and feel connected to the true me.
I always feel comfortable comfortable and safe to express my feelings now, whether it be emotional or physical movement. My body feels so different.

Thank you Bec, you have changed my life!

Steph Hynd, August 2020


I went into the calm birthing retreat weekend thinking I knew quite a lot about birth and wanted some more info on the mind body connection and for my partner to learn how he can play a role in our birth.

Well we left with all of this and more. Bec has such a beautiful and open way of teaching you about birth, the impact fear can have on your labour and how you can overcome fear to have the most positive birth experience. Everything Bec teaches is completely unbiased and filled with love - allowing you to be open to your labour going anyway while still holding onto your voice to advocate.

Thank you Bec - we had an incredible weekend and it has changed us for the better x

Layla Metcalfe, August 2020


Bec!!! Thank you so much for the weekend. Danny and I absolutely loved it! You have such a magic offering and we are so so grateful for your time!

We both walked away with a different lens of preg, birth and beyond. We both feel

So much more well Equipped and empowered and EXCITED for birth.


Danny was mind blown and has said time over 'that was the best, what a special weekend.'


So thank you!!!

You're an amazing facilitator with so much knowledge that you impart so gracefully.

Luke Uphill, August 2020


As a guy that came into this pretty sceptical, I can honestly say that Calmbirth with Bec was an incredible and eye opening experience. I feel much more confident in what’s to come and the role I can play as a supportive and helpful birth partner. Thank you Bec, you have my sincere gratitude!


Arrietta Kaleyias, June 2020


I can’t speak highly enough of Bec, she is one of those people everyone needs to meet in their lifetime

The Calmbirth course with her was empowering like her business name...

The 1:1 appointments ive had were creative, individualised and transforming in so many ways after a traumatic first birth...

Her acuneedling abilities... well at 36 weeks, I’m now sleeping like a log (definitely not like a new born) and feeling more refreshed than I have in months!

Thank you Bec

Lauren Priest, March 2020


Amazing weekend! We are very grateful. Everyone needs Calmbirth, can absolutely recommend! Bec is an open book of experience and skill. LOVED IT. Blake said he wishe's we didn't have to wait another 4 months for the big day, he's ready to roll.

Brent Diamond, February 2020


Going into our Calmbirth retreat weekend last month, I was a ball of nervous energy, not knowing what to expect from our first birthing experience and feeling as though nothing was within our control. Within only hours of meeting amazing Bec and sharing with the other incredible couples, we both instantly felt secure, empowered and excited about our labour and birth! The techniques we learned throughout the course have been invaluable in keeping us calm and grounded and have brought us both closer to our growing bub. We can't thank Bec enough for the amazing Calmbirth Weekend Retreat. Her warmth, understanding and calming presence has inspired us both and empowered us to make informed decisions and trust in my body's strength and intuition. Thank you Bec 

Taylor Daley, February 2020


I met Bec at Lismore Base hospital on one of her shifts. My partner and I were only 31 weeks pregnant and it looked as if there was a possibility that our little girl was going to arrive early. Scared and nervous is exactly how we felt but after just moments with her sitting by our side she had us comfortable and settled. It only took 5 minutes with Bec for us to book a Calmbirth weekend retreat. Bec is truly one of the most beautiful, kind and calm people we have ever met. We absolutely loved the Calmbirth weekend retreat and can not recommend it highly enough. We would go again tomorrow just to hang out with Bec. No words will describe what an awesome person she is. 

Thank you Bec

Lina Tabea, November 2019


Wonderful Calmbirth Retreat with all we needed for birth preparation and so much more to take home :) We highly recommend this weekend with Bec and are also super excited about the new space in Lismore with even more amazing offers and input :) Lots of love ❤️ Lina & Leigh

Sandra Colley, October 2019


I’m a doula and have recently attended a day of Bec’s Calmbirth Retreat. Bec was great at bringing lots of content across in an easy to absorb manner. I found it to be a very helpful day. I learned skill that will be helpful not only to support my clients birth but also to make day today life easier. Thank you for the opportunity.

Katie Eggins, September 2019


What a great weekend! Although we have birthed before this refresher/extra information was incredible in preparation for round 2.

Bec has an incredible presence and knowledge in which makes you feel empowered and confident and comfortable. She is incredibly compassionate in what she does which really shines through in her teaching, thanks for a great experience and for the tools you have given us not only for birth but for life. You are such an inspirational human and more woman should feel empowered about birth and life and you have so much to continue to offer to our community which is very exciting!

Laetitia Cross, August 2019


Dear Amazing Bec,

Thank you for helping me create the birth for my baby I so longed and wished for. You were right there with me through all of it. Your warmth, calm, space and kindness. I did everything we talked about. Thank you for helping me be my own super woman. So much love and gratitude

Louise James, August 2019


I had heard good things about Calmbirth from friends, but Bec's teachings, warm and welcoming personality made the weekend far better than i could have expected. If you do one thing in preparation for your baby, invest in yourself and your relationship by doing this course. It is SO worth it. We both left feeling so informed, confident and even more excited to meet our little one. Thank you Bec.

Kate Dalton, July 2019


Bec is the most wonderful teacher with the most beautiful, warm presence. The content and Bec's delivery of this course is truly amazing. We're both feeling confident, and So Excited about the process and are feeling well equipped to journey through labour to meet our baby. I'll be recommending this course to every pregnant person I see from now on. Thank you so much Bec.



Zoe Tiernan, June 2019


The Calmbirth techniques were my saving grace. I used the techniques to get through the frightening bits, the painful bits, and the recovery bits. I am so glad that we did the weekend workshop. The techniques, the mind frame and the time with my partner in a space that was 'held' by a facilitator, provided me with the foundations for positivity even though i did not get my "plan A". I dont know how I would have got through the parts that I was most fearful of without Calmbirth.

Sarah Grant, June 2019


We loved our workshop with Bec. She was able to be flexible to fit our crazy timetable and the information that we learned and the techniques shared have left us feeling completely confident and empowered for our birthing experience.

I really feel like this is a must for women and their birthing partners to guide us to have a positive birth experience.

Thanks so much Bec!!

Court Betterridge, May 2019


What an incredible weekend and AMAZING experience we have had with Bec this weekend. wow, just wow! I wasn't sure I'd learn much having laboured twice before but I have taken away so much new, refreshed and updated knowledge and feel so much more positive about creating the right birthing journey for us and being able to apply strategies I didn't know existed through intimacy, breathing, visualisation and environment to assist an empowering labour and birthing experience. Massive thank you Bec, you can count on us being there for refreshers if we ever have any more babies

Sammy Poetschka, March 2019


My fiance & I had completed our Calmbirth course in Newcastle 4 yrs ago for our first child.

Few days out from our second child being born I was revising the information & education from the Calmbirth book because I really wanted this birth experience to be a positive one where I was in control of the outcome of this birth experience as it would be my last pregnancy/birth.

I was determined in my mind to have a full Calmbirth experience where I could deliver this baby with no drugs & in a calm & safe environment.


I was then fortunate enough the stars had aligned & Bec was our midwife when I was in labour & I am so grateful for that because it only reinforced & empowered us both to use the skills & knowledge we had learnt from the Calmbirth course to bring our baby into the world the way we wanted.


Bec was a constant reassurance for us & she truly did empower us as a couple to really believe in ourselves as we 100% knew what we were doing to birth our baby using the Calmbirth techniques.

Bec always had the right words of encouragement & reminded me to just feel into & through my body as it would tell me what I need to do & when.


Being lucky enough to have Bec present throughout the labour of my second child was absolutely incredible because Bec is so passionate about Calmbirth & wanting to share this important knowledge with couples. We remained confident throughout the entire labour that we would birth our baby how we wanted too; (no drugs & into a relaxed atmosphere) & we did thanks to our Calmbirth education & also largely thanks to Bec's encouragement.


If you want to learn about Calmbirth Bec is the perfect teacher; together with her knowledge, passion & experience she really will empower you as a couple to be excited about labour; not fearful. We can't thank Bec enough & were so grateful we had the opportunity to meet her.

Peter Fowler, March 2019


Our weekend with Bec was amazingly powerful for both my wife and I. Our so many unanswered questions and fears of the unknown made us nervous about the birth of our first child. But these fears have disappeared after attending the Calmbirth classes. With knowledge come empowerment and I'm truly thankful we had the opportunity to learn calm birth techniques. Many of these philosophies and learnings will now be used in our everyday life. We can't thank Bec enough.

Meagan Hoyle, February 2019


Thanks Bec for all your guidance and providing a supportive environment over the weekend. My partner and I feel more confident and relaxed about the pending birth. The techniques we learnt for the different stages of labour are going to be most beneficial to us. Oh & the food was delicious!!

Brendan McLennan, February 2019


Hey Bec just wanted to say a massive thank you for the weekend from Tessa, our unborn boy/girl and myself. As very busy ‘parents to be’ it is hard to find time to not only learn as much as possible about the arrival of our little one, but to also gauge a feel for what will work best for us as a couple and that’s exactly what we got from this weekend. We would highly recommend any expecting couples take the time to attend and experience this weekend.

Krystal Fisher, February 2019


Bec is an amazing guide through the Calmbirth principles and how they can positively impact on your birth journey. We found that it helped to reassure and change our mindset on the birthing process, whilst encouraging more appreciation of each partners role during labour. Highly recommended.

Melody, November 2018


Amazing! Bec has such a lot of warmth and birth wisdom to share. Get switched on and reminded of what our bodies and minds are truly capable of! Evidence based and from the heart. So worth it.



Al Lewis, June 2018


WOW - what an absolutely incredible weekend we have had with Bec and such a high we are on from learning all about calmbirth. The weekend has not only changed our ideas about birth it has changed our entire outlook on life and we are both so excited to calmly birth our baby into the incredible new life we have already started to create for he or she right now. We have walked away with our love for each other, our love for our children and our love for our lives reignited and that’s just something money can’t buy.

With every fibre of our beings Bec..... Thank you!

Sara Stephens-Huddleston, March 2018


My partner and I attended Bec's Calmbirth Classes last year and the experience was so transromative and amazing! Bec is so warm and welcoming, down to earth and relaxed that we instantly felt right as home and comfortable enough to share with her part of the incredibly intimate journey of carrying a child and giving birth. The whole weekend was so special and lovely, and bought my partner and i closer together. The food Bec provides is so delicious and nutricious and the space is so tranquil and cosy that I felt like a pampered Goddess! The whole weekend gave me such a feeling of inner peace it was like being in a perfect bubble of love! Bec inspires confidence with her wealth of experience and knowledge, bringing out the best in you and giving you the tools and inner strength to take control of your birth experience. The Calm Birth program really brings the partner into the whole birth process in such a beautiful way and I feel that it led to the birth of my dreams! I had a terrible experience of birth the first time around before I knew about Calm Birth, and carried with me traumatic memories and some complications into this next pregnancy. Bec’s teachings and strength helped me to cope through these possibly life threatening complications this time around with grace and positivity, leading to a birth story of positivity, strength and love that I never thought I could have. I cannot thank Bec enough for the beautiful gift she has given to us, and the contribution she has made to our lives. Please give the gift to yourself of attending these classes if you have the chance, I cannot tell you enough how much they meant to us. With much love, Sara, Reuben, big brother Arien and new baby Leo.

Yolande Wild, Feburary 2018


Bec is gorgeous, she is such a wealth of knowledge and so easy to understand. Her professional, generous and kind hearted nature is reflected in the class. I highly recommend her weekend retreat to all expecting parents regardless of where or how you plan to birth.



Shannon Wright, Feburary 2018

Bec's innate ability to support and empower women to believe and trust in their ability to give birth is AMAZING! Bec is one of the most genuine and caring people i know. to be guided, held, loved and nurtured unconditionally on your birthing journey by her is a gift. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Keely Tucker, November 2017


Just wanted to email to say thanks for the calmbirth course my husband and I attended in May. We found the course very helpful in preparing for our baby’s birth and really enjoyed the weekend. After the course, I practiced at home with the meditation/visualisation recordings and talked to my midwife about how we would want the labour and birth to go. I had three days of “false labour” and found the recordings and the “toolbox” list very helpful in this time to keep myself busy and to deal with the prolonged early stage of labour! Even though our labour and delivery didn’t go as we had set out in our birth plan, the knowledge we gained from the course meant that we could still feel in control and have a positive experience.

Lewis Quanay King, October 2017


Roisin and i spent 2 blissful days at the Calmbirth course last weekend and it was fantastic. Such a great learning and empowering experience in a lovely setting. A weekend of meditation, visualisation and learning the physiology of birth as well as how to be supportive as a partner leading up to and throughout the birth. Rebecca is such a lovely lovely educator, just a wonderful human being. I would highly recommend to all expectant mothers and their partners.

Felicity Oreb, March 2017


Bec from Empowering Birth Journeys is a wonderful guide and teacher. Her calming and grounding manner and extensive knowledge of birth is the best way to prepare for the journey into birth and motherhood. Bec has also helped support many women in labour and has a deep understanding of what is needed to provide the optium birthing environment. She is one of the best midwives i have the pleasure of knowing. I highly recommend Calmbirth and the whole weekend was fantastic in preparing both myself and my hubby for birth. It brought us closer together as a couple and gave Dan the tools to best support me throughout my labour.

I found I was able to really connect and visualize with my baby and gave me so much knowledge to make the right choices in labour.

After weeks of practicing with the guided meditations I was able to go to my zone and birthed a whopping 4.8kg into the water and drug free and I couldn’t have done it without the preparation that and Calmbirth provided.

Jodi Anderson, March 2017


We cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough, she has given us valuable knowledge and has most definitely empowered us for birth. We feel so lucky to have met Bec, her passion for birthing is inspirational. Thank you.

Gwen Naera, Febuary 2017

Bec is a genuine, kind, caring and talented lady. I am blessed to know her. You will be in very capable hands.

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