While practicing Social Distancing, you can still attend Our Calmbirth Cesearean Preperation Course via Zoom.


- 30% discount off all Calmbirth Classes + 1 free hour 1:1 pre or post Calmbirth meet & greet in our Wellness Centre for all classes scheduled for May 2020.

Calmbirth For Caesarean is designed for couples who are planning an elective caesarean for the birth of their baby. Calmbirth provides you with all the knowledge, confidence and tools you need to have a positive cesearean birth experience.

  • The Calmbirth Cesarean Class encourages couples to work together so that you feel supported by your partner to birth with confidence. Calmbirth teaches your partner how to support you emotionally, and how to be your ‘guardian of space’ during pregnancy and birth. Calmbirth empowers you to make informed decisions with your caregivers. 
  • Calmbirth helps you feel safe, calm and confident, irrespective of how you give birth. 
  • Calmbirth teaches you about prenatal bonding, the importance of skin to skin and postnatal bonding, self care and ways to nourish the new mother, and awakens you to the concept of conscious parenting. 
  • Calmbirth teaches you how to nurture your connection to your unborn child and 'plants the seed’ for ways to strengthen that connection in your transition into parenthood.
  • Calmbirth teaches you self empowerment – how to be an active participant in your birth and gives your birth support partners the tools to support you. It teaches you how to access your inner resources and gives you the confidence to use them to assist you in pregnancy and birth – Embracing birth as a natural part of life.
  • Calmbirth for cesarean teaches you about the mind body connection and the stress response v's the relaxation response, conscious breath techniques, visualisation, and our inner resource of healing.


Calmbirth Cesarean Preparation

  • You can book your Calmbirth Cesarean Preparation class online in one payment.

    If you do not attend, the amount of $200 of the $400 cost will be refunded for:

    • cancellations for all Calmbirth bookings, which take place at least 4 weeks prior to the Calmbirth class commencing.

    • If the booking is cancelled less than the 4 weeks of the class date, this same amount will ONLY be reimbursed if the cancelled place is filled before the due date. Empowering Birth Journeys will endeavour to find a replacement for the course.

    The balance withheld covers credit card, bank and administrative charges incurred with cancellation . The $200 will be reimbursed to the credit card used to secure the booking.

    Please take every care to attend the Calmbirth class on the day you are booked in.

    We respect difficult circumstances and will extend kindness and assistance wherever possible to enable you to attend.