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We are located in Lismore,

We offer our Monthly Calmbirth Weekend Retreat, Spinal Flow, Acuneedling (Acupuncture by a midwife, 1:1 Midwifery Support, Education both pre and post birth & much more.

I am Bec Fagan. I am a Registered Midwife with over 15 years experience in all areas of Midwifery and Education. I am also a Registered Calmbirth Educator and accredited to practise Acuneedling (Acupuncture for Midwives). I am also Spinal Flow Practitioner which allows stored stress to be released in the body. Pregnancy & Birth is my background, and with that, Wellness and healing is my Passion.

"Birth is not a one size fits all, Im here to prepare YOU for your unique journey" Bec Fagan.

At our Centre for Wellness & healing in Lismore, I am inspired to empower and educate couples to change birth culture. Help couples free their body from stress and fear to enjoy a calm pregnancy & enable an easy transition into their conscious parenting journey.


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