“In Calmbirth, we prepare couples for birth, but they take away lessons for life.” Bec Fagan.

Why Calmbirth®?

I am so passionate about the Calmbirth® philosophy. As a Midwife this was the course that I chose for my birth preparation. Now as a Midwife, Mother and Calmbirth Educator I offer my Calmbirth Weekend Retreat to educate, empower and inspire couples to learn, connect and enjoy their pregnancy free of fear.

"With Knowledge comes confidence".

2021 Calmbirth Retreat Dates

Jan 9th & 10th                    May 1st & 2nd                      Sep 11th & 12th

Feb 6th & 7th                      Jun 5th & 6th                       Oct 9th & 10th

Mar 6th & 7th                     Jul 5th & 6th                        Nov 6th & 7th

Apr 10th & 11th                  Aug 7th & 8th                      Dec 4th & 5th 

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