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Our Calmbirth Weekend Retreats are available for GROUPS or INDIVIDUALS.

You can pay the full amount or in 2 parts (non refundable* deposit/Balance) 


2021 Calmbirth Retreat Dates

Jan 9th & 10th                    May 1st & 2nd                      Sep 11th & 12th

Feb 6th & 7th                      Jun 5th & 6th                       Oct 9th & 10th

Mar 6th & 7th                     Jul 3rd & 4th                        Nov 6th & 7th

Apr 10th & 11th                  Aug 7th & 8th                      Dec 4th & 5th 

Private retreats by appointment

Please, Book the Calmbirth service you are after.


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  • Empowering Birth Journeys on Socials

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