“I am incredibly honoured to do what I do” 

Bec Fagan.


About Bec

Hi my name is Bec. I am a practicing registered midwife with over 15 years experience in all areas of Midwifery and Education, a Registered Calmbirth Educator, Spinal Flow Practitioner, Acuneedlist (acupuncture by a midwife) and Mother of 3 beautiful children.

Having practiced Calmbirth during my 3 pregnancies I have always had an incredible passion for the Calmbirth philosophy. Preparing for my first birth my journey was not dissimilar to every woman's first experience. It was filled with excitment, nervousness and a little bit of the famous "Ow but...What if". I knew that I wanted to be prepared to the best of my ability, to trust my body and birth without fear. After attending Calmbirth, my husband and I were motivated and educated with the latest evidence and found new depths of our loving connection. This was a turning point in our relationship and our lives. We then began to question old habits and beliefs creating a positive more fulfilled lifestyle in preparation to become parents.

I believe that Calmbirth is for birth, but really Calmbirth is for Life.

"With knowledge comes confidence."


Now I am honoured to be facilitating My Calmbirth Weekend retreat in Lismore to Empower couples to Birth with Confidence. Whether you are planning a hospital birth with midwives or a private obstetrician, a cesarean or a homebirth, Calmbirth will provide couples with the tools to birth with confidence by reducing unnecessary fear and anxiety.

Calmbirth not only empowers mothers to be, but also empowers partners and  support people providing necessary education and insight on how to support you and nurture you and your baby throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Couples will also gain knowledge on what it means to be a conscious parent and a conscious person.​​

"I genuinely care about your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey and I am here to support you in mind and body, health, wellness and healing to be calm and empowered for your incredible adventure."



The Wellness Centre

Our Centre for Wellness & Healing in Lismore offers classes, services and workshops for families preparing pre-conception, preparing to birth, and services to support the whole family through your parenting journey. My mission to enable couples to feel Empowered, Confident, Informed, Connected and Calm and free of limitations and fear.


All services available in our clinic and wellness centre are focused on strengthening your mind body connection, incorporating wellness into your everyday lives and understanding that your body has an incredible intelligence and  ability to heal itself. 

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